What is API

What is API

·   Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of Web Services interfaces for the exchange of mail delivery orders and the associated data with third-parties computer systems.

·   For exmaple, with JE API, your systems can communicate directly with JE system for performing specific operations, such as, creating posting items, generating address packs and tracing items

·   Your applications can automate the preparation and processing of mail delivery orders in meeting your business needs by using appropriate interface functions..

·   Posting & Tracing API is available to Janco Express customers free of charge.

Potential Users for API ?

e-Commerce providers and their partners are potential users of API in providing integrated services for their clients through interfacing their websites to Our system. High volume mailers will be able to handle their postings with speed and efficiency.

Pre-requisites of Using API

Technical Skills        
Users of API must be familiar with Web Services and have / engage IT development resources to build your own interface programs.

Delivery Services Available Through Janco Express API

e-Express Services (Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, New Zealand, United States, Russia, France, Germany, Norway, South Korea, Singapore and Vietnam)

Posting API offers secure, authenticated access to manage the creation and download of shipping labels.

Applicable Use Cases

  • Create shipping label
  • Create Commercial Invoice
  • Create Packing List
  • Download shipping label

Supported Features

  • Formats: JSON
  • Protocols: HTTPS POST